Friday, March 8, 2013

Monalisa Chinda Founds New Love?

Monalisa Chinda

Looking ever smashing, popular Nollywood diva, Monailsa Chinda last week shocked her fans when she damned the consequences and stepped out with a man, many are alleging she is romantically involved with.
The event was the world premiere of Uche Jombo's trilogy, "My Life, My Damage", at Ozone Cinema, Yaba. The actress hit the red carpet,beaming with smiles as she posed at random for photo shots.
Lisa was not afraid to flaunt the dark complexioned handsome man whom many say is a serial philanderer. Together they sat at the VIP corner, where they were seen chatting and laughing heartily while screening lasted.
After the event, Lisa was again spotted walking hand-in-hand like an item with the man; leaving in the same car.
Lisa is a single mother, and getting her life back on track after a failed and alleged abusive marriage is worth the trouble. Nigeria: Monalisa Chinda Finds Love Again?