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·         Con Men Understand That Their Job Is Not To Use
Facts To Convince Skeptics But To Use Words To
Help The Gullible To Believe What They Want To
Believe” - Thomas Sowell
In the last one year or more, Governor Rochas Okorocha has taken undue liberty in casting aspersions on his predecessors in a manner that suggests a properly choreographed attempt to divert attention and perhaps seek alibi for obvious lapses in his administrative style characterized by volte faces,
double talk and playing to the gallery all in a bid to raise blame game to a level of official state policy. At his budget presentation late last year and in a nation-wide live television broadcast on Monday, January 14, 2013, Okorocha took the campaign of calumny to the limits by making wild allegations of non-performance and looting of public funds against his predecessor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim. In the broadcast, he alleged that Governor Ikedi Ohakim looted N62 billion and did only four projects in four years.
It is either that Rochas Okorocha does not have his facts right or that he deliberately decided to distort the facts to achieve a purpose of putting off Ohakim's candle for his to shine. But he must note that the worst gift a leader would hand out to the people is that of diet of lies. The office of a State Governor cannot be debased to a level where the occupant through personal conduct would bring it to disrepute, ridicule and public contempt.

While we do not begrudge his liberties in governance style that conforms to the exuberance of an emperor, he should at least have the decency of understanding the difference between facts and opinion. That Gov. Rochas Okorocha decided to be stingy with the truth even when he had a properly documented handover note cannot erase the fact that Ohakim's government recorded remarkable achievements that cannot be wished away. Without sounding immodest, projects under Ohakim's government were from the existing Imo development plan. For example the three ring roads are part of the greater Owerri master plan designed
under Ndubuisi Kalu/Mbakwe by FINGER HURT & PARTNERS. They were properly designed, budgeted for, and funded within available resources. Consultants produced drawings, specifications, bills of quantities and contracts for roads were properly drawn before they were ever awarded in line with due
process and best practice in government. The Ohakim`s administration respected rules of engagement in contract system without exposing the state to commercial risks or public odium. No contract failed under the Ikedi Ohakim`s administration. Local contractors otherwise called development partners,
numbering up to 2000 can attest to this.

There were no physical fights to determine who a contractor to any project was, or if a road was asphalt
paved or cheap laterite sprinkled on top soil. The Government did not need to lie to the public that it had
paid =N= 30 billion to contractors, whereas banks are selling their properties to recover unpaid loans. It
is therefore appalling that Gov. Rochas Okorocha , in his controversial speech made the following claims
and allegations with regards to his administration:
1. That his government has fully implemented the free education programme.
2. Rescued the abandoned commissioners` quarters.
3. Rescued the state from heavy traffic congestion.
4. Rescued the controversial Oguta Wonder Lake hotel from an elaborate scheme of deception
foisted on the people through the internet media and billboard by constructing a brand new
conference center and refurbishing the Oguta Motel to international standard.
5. Made provision for free Uniforms, free desks and even bursary for 750,000 children.
6. Rescued the state from reckless spending by the past administration by renegotiating some
contracts awarded by Ohakim`s administration and saving up to =N=5.7 Billion for the state in
the process.
7. Awarded contracts and paid 40% advance payment on the following projects:
?Imo Towers of 1000 housing units.
?Imo Ecumenical center (Amarachi).
?Five star Crystal hotel (Owerri).
?Five star Princess Hotel. (Okigwe)
?Five star Prince Hotel. (Orlu)
?Ultra Modern shopping Mall.
?Ultra modern judicial headquarters.
Other Bogos claims include building guest Houses for former governors.

1. It is no longer news that Imo people now know that the free education programme of Gov.
Rochas Okorocha is a complete ruse. Mark Ewuzie in his column in the Nigerian Newspoint of
December 19-20, 2012 has this to say about Okorocha`s free education programme; “It is
like a demonic gift that requires blood sacrifice for you to get the blessings of the gods”. Our
position on this is that Students and their parents, and indeed Imolites, now know the truth
and no manner of propaganda can wash it away. Free Education? Yet he claims that 750,000
children received bursary. Imo people demand for the list of the awardees, local government
by local government.
2. On the issue of abandonment of commissioners` quarters, we make bold to state that liars do
not know when they cross the line. People are laughing because the commissioners` quarters
in question were occupied by former commissioners in the past administration until the
handover in May 2011. Which commissioners` quarters then is our dear Okorocha talking
about as being abandoned, as shown in his controversial budget speech?
3. Governor Rochas Okorocha claimed to have rescued Imo from heavy traffic congestion but it
will shock him what the responses will be if an Opinion poll is conducted on this. For clarity
purpose, it may be proper to recall that the regulatory body of engineering Professionals,
Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has attested to the fact that only the completion of the
inner ring Road and their flyovers, the Outer ring road and the outer-outer ring road will solve
the problem of congestion in Imo state. This is as simple as ABC.

IROMA: Dedicated to networking, rehabilitation and maintenance of rural earth roads in all the local government
areas. Equipped with 27 graders, 27 heavy duty tippers, 27 hillux pickups( one set per local government), 3 pay
loaders and 3 rollers. Built three construction yards for IROMA in the three senatorial zones with complete office,
40KVA'S generator in each yard with boreholes.
Under this initiative over 720 rural roads were rehabilitated and maintained while more than 230 Engineers,
Operators, Mechanics and drivers received training and deployment.
4. The rescue of Oguta Lake Motel is another Abracadabra by Gov. Okoracha. The Lake Motel was
refurbished under the Ohakim administration by a company called ZEROCK ENGINEERING
COMPANY LIMITED.  The sum of =N= 13.3 Billion, in an interest yielding account was handed
over to Gov. Okorocha in respect of this project. This potential employment generation
project has been abandoned against the warning of the Security and Exchange Commission
(SEC). It is on record that Okorocha has misappropriated that fund and the interest therein.
5. His claim of 40% advance payment for seven Capital projects, is illegal. It is important to note
that these spending were not captured in the budget, both in 2012 and 2013. But the
contracts were awarded and executed, all from his head. One is then tempted to conclude that
Imo state is run by Okorocha and sons Plc, like an Okada business, without any regard
whatever for due process.
6. On Claims of building Houses for former governors, we appeal to Gov. Okorocha to please
hand the houses over to his predecessors or completely desist from spreading such falsehood
which no doubt questions his integrity.
The following Key projects undertaken by the Ohakim administration, some of which Okorocha claimed to have executed remain testimonials that would consistently expose the lies of Gov. Okorocha.
Over 200km of world class roads asphalted while 232km was under construction. They include
the following:
1. Dualization of Okigwe road, Owerri
2. Dualization of Orlu road, Owerri
3. Dualization of Umuahia road, Owerri
4. World Bank Umuguma Road.
5. All Seasons Avenue.
6. Umaru Musa Yar` Adua Avenue.
7. Afo umuaka-Amazano-Nkulu road.
8. Ahiara junction to Okpala junction.
9. Anara Eziama- Abba Road.
10. Dikenafai-Isiekenesi-Umuogo-Umuobom-Osina road.
11. IkpambaraUmuehie-umuneke-Umuagu with spur to Umuezike Agunna-Umuduru road.
12. Nkume-Amucha-Eziama- Obire road.
13. Nsu-Umuezagu-Odenkume road.
14. Obohia-Afor-Urualla-Obodoukwu-Afor Isiokpo-Eke Akwu road.
15. Umuaka Umundugba-Isunjaba Amaike road.
16. Umuelemai-Agbaja-Umukabi Eke- Umuodi-Orji road with loop from UmuealaUmukabi road.
17. Umueze 1-Umueleke-Aba branch with loop from Umueleke Umuezeke-AgunaUmuduru road.
18. Akata Umutanze Affor Atta road.
19. Amuro Aro Ofeimo Nkwo father Akunwata Eke Agbobu road.
20. Orieagu Anglican Church road.
21. Umunuma Ife- Owututu-Akpodim road.
22. Internal road at Area S Housing Estate Umuguma.
23. Okporo Eze Ugbala road.
24. Umuneke Umundoche Ndashi Etche road.
25. Umuodu Amulu Mbieri Ubomiri road.
26. Egbu Timber Market (Enterprise free zone) road.
27. Naze Egbu Uratta Orji road.
28. St. Andrew road Prefab.
29. Inner Ring road spamming Onitsha road Egbeada Orji Bishop Court with 2 flyover
30. Eke Atta Umuhu Ikedum road.
31. Ihechiowa Relief Market road with spur at Amaozara Street.
32. Ukwuorji Nworieubi Atta Junction Amaimo Afor oru Ogbe road.

Ohakim`s administration completed over 600 water schemes including 8 small town schemes.
These brought the total number of water infrastructure in the State to 1,325 public water schemes.
The following are a few of the locations:-
?Achingali , Nsu, Ubachima, Osuama, Awo Idemili, Nempi, Uvuvu Amawo, Umuelmai ?Uzoagba, Orie Mbieri, Ogumabiti Ife ,Egbeada, Umuowa, Osina, Obodoukwu, Mgbidi ?Amaraku, Umuihi , Atat Njaba, Umuezue Okirika, Umukabia, Osozi Umunohu, Okwu Umuezeala, Oriama Market, Umulogho, Obinetiti Umuolu, Ndiowerri Ekwereazu ?Umukebi Osuh, Owaelu, Abacheke, Ogbo Ugiri, Umuokpo Emeabiam, Umuonyeali ?Orji, Osu Achara, Durujeme Umudim, Ndioha , Assumpta Handmaids, Umuluwe Ajirija ?Umuagwo, Oha Egbu, Anara , Eziala Obingwe, Fire service, Amaike Obi Mbieri, Umuihi ?Nkwo Umuezeala, Eziome Ihitte Mbieri, Umuneje Obinze, Okwunezeigwe, Ndiadimoha?Alike Umunomo, Ochii Ogwa, Otulu, Isiekenasi ,Eziudo, Orsu Ihitteukwu, Amazano, Orie Nriukwu ,Ozuh Omuma, Atta Girls , NYSC Orientation Camp, Akabo Ahiara etc.
=N= 2 Billion Imo farmers loan scheme. The first tranche of =N=458.6Million disbursed on the 21st February 2011 to farmers in Imo state.

Primary Schools
Constructed new classroom block in each of the 27 local government areas within the first 100 days of the Administration, and these include:
Amuzi Obowo, Amazu Orsu, Township Primary School Owerri (Demolished by Okorocha) Okohia Mbano, Akokwa, Umuelmai, Ihitte Ezinihitte, Umuobia, Obile, Ofeahia Amaifeke Ezeoke, Nkume, Amaigbo, Aku Community School, Mbieri, Umuma Isiaku, Umuode Ezelu Umuorji, Eziama Oru, Amaraku, Christ the King Oru, Umuokirika , Isu, Ibeku Aboh, Amiri, Ngugo Ochicha, Nguru , Umuezeala Umukabia, Azudo Obinze',Oguta, Owerre Nkworji Ikprejere, Ovutu Akwakuma, Anara etc.
Further construction/renovation of 350 classroom blocks in both primary and secondary school in the 27 LG areas which gives an average of 12 classroom blocks per LGA. The Engineers Report (CYPRESS CONSULT) is currently with Gov. Rochas Okorocha with pictorial evidence. Still on education, the Ohakim administration achieved the following:
1. Founded Imo state Polytechnic Umuagwo from the former college of Agriculture. All courses are accredited.
2. Awarded 260 Scholarships and paid bursary including those of Law School students as at when
3. Never increased school fees. For instance school fees in IMSU during Ohakim`s administration was =N= 35,000. Today all manner of levies have brought IMSU School fees to =N= 80,000 or more per annum.

a) Renovated and equipped 27 health centers in the 27 Local Governments of the state, including Nkwere, Owalla , Awo-Idemili, Urualla, Iho, Umuihi, Ehime, Okwelle etc.
b) Each of the health centers had an ambulance, 40KVA sound proof generators, borehole, incinerators, fenced, cold chain and drugs.
c) 27 brand new buses for health departments in the 27 Local Governments to ease immunization drive in the rural communities.
a) Fully completed the Governor's office
b) Fully completed the Local Government/council of traditional ruler's secretariat with the amphitheater 70 percent completed.
c) Ahiajioku Convention Centre.
d) Remodelling/Renovation of Imo State Government Lodge Abuja.
e) Attracted the court of appeal to Imo state. Also constructed and furnished the court and 5 judges quarters.
f) Construction/equipping of Orient TV/FM.
G) Complete renovation of Imo High court Head quarters Owerri and asphalted the internal roads.

The PDP administration in Imo recognized that a strong and independent judiciary is the only bastion of hope for all who seek justice. Under that administration Imo state judiciary witnessed a lot of improvements. 90% of the courts were renovated and re-equipped, judges and other key judicial officers facilitated with new cars, high capacity generators, internet and other vital tools. The administration attracted and built a court of appeal in Owerri. Overall, the outcome has been a higher turn around, improved efficiency and a pervading sense of renewed confidence in the judiciary.

1. 30 Civil Engineers, 27 Road Supervisors, 27 Medical Doctors and 350 Road Maintenance Workers for IROMA and Rural Health Centers.
2. 600 Students from finishing school fully employed.
3. 10,000 graduates employed.
4. Over 80,000 private sector jobs as a result of deliberate policies on
5. Trained 150 youths in various fields of agriculture and paid over =N=250 million counterpart funding for FADAMA, IFAD and FAO projects.
6. Provided interest free loans to 2,700 petty traders and direct financial intervention grants to 700,000 youths through the youth co-operative society under the youth empowerment programme.
Maintained the Award winning Clean and Green Initiative with assets of over =N= 5 Billion

Operation festival, the security outfit during Ohakim`s administration attracted commendation and the decision of the Federal Executive Council to mandate the IGP to visit Imo State to adopt the system and subsequently recommend same to other states. The former IGP, Sir Mike Okiro`s report is an eloquent testimony on this. The Police National security Statistics report (2007 -2010) is captured by Thisday Newspaper of Monday, December 17, 2012.
Operation festival joint patrol operated with 205 security vehicles, 4 armored personnel carriers, 32 Buses for Vigilante groups. The Ohakim administration installed and operated a state of the art communication system linking the 32 police formations and funded security adequately.

1. Attracted and established the first Stock exchange market in Imo.
2. Established the Imo State Investment Promotion Agency (ISIPA).
3. Established the Environmental Transformation Corporation (ENTRACO).
4. Established AGRO NOVA to develop large scale farming under Public Private Partnership.
?Made available Tractors to 27 Local Government Areas to enhance mechanized farming.
?Engaged Agricultural Extension workers to teach Modern farming techniques.
?Established modern Irrigated farms, fisheries and Plantations in several parts of the state.
?Developed over 3 Million Palm seedlings for free distribution to farmers.
?Ensured adequate supply of fertilizers to farmers at subsidized prices.
Today, the investors in AGRONOVA have gone to court against the abandonment of the projects.
5. Founded Imo Municipal Transport Company Limited. The first Integrated Municipal transport Service in Owerri. Partnered with MTN to construct all the bus stops when Okada were sent off the streets. Completely addressed the chaotic transport system in our capital territory dominated by commercial Moto-Cycle called “OKADA” or “INAGA” with its attendant insecurity and health hazards.
6. Established Imo Elders Council. The Supreme advisory body made up of elder statesmen including former governors, Deputy govs, Ministers etc. (Scrapped by Okorocha).
7. Established the first Enterprise Center Nekede. Bringing artisans, traders, engineers, fabricators under “one roof ”. Provided them with water, road, electricity transformers and generators.
8. Established Imo Industrial cluster Nekede.
9. Established the Imo state 9-hecter Oil Palm multiplication and nursery center at Nekede.
Rural/Urban electrification was a priority during the Ohakim led administration. Over 200 communities benefitted including the following: Ozara, Mgbidi, Umuelem Okwudor, Umuonya Industrial Market, Umuezeagu Ideato, Umuezealaogwara, Ehime, Diakume, Eziali Mgbidi just to mention a few.

1. There was Labour harmony throughout the 4 years which accounts for the NO STRIKE RECORD
in the Ohakim government.
2. Town Unions as development bodies were properly engaged. (Scrapped by Okorocha).
3. Salaries were paid as at when due. No worker, both in government and Parastatals was owed
any salary arrears.
4. The 46 development centers tackled environmental/security issues.(Scrapped by Okorocha).
5. All contracts were duely advertised and tendered for and awarded after due process within budgetary provisions.
6. Ohakim consulted extensively and never relocated any government institution to his hometown or zone. The 164 “wisemen” gathered and came up with the solutions document called the “IMO STRATEGIC PATHWAY” from where the administration derived its projects/programmes. 
Finally , we make bold to say that nobody can eclipse the obvious. To Okorocha, Ohakim`s records is something that must be destroyed or hidden away to safeguard Okorocha`s jeopardous integrity, moral and intellectual deformities so that he may proceed on his scrambling merchandizing. In the words of Micky Savage, we say about Okorocha “He made all the good noises when the tragedy happened but he milked it for a political advantage. He has not delivered so it is time for some moral outrage to be heaped on him” Micky Savage.

By Dr.Kelechi Okpalake